A Special Thank You

My father had the benefit of incredible doctors, nurses and care during his battle with cancer. It is with the utmost appreciation and gratitude that I recognize those people who cared for him and gave him meaningful years with our family. While his cancer made those years difficult on him, and us, his doctors and nurses did everything they could to help him live as long as possible. I am eternally grateful for their hard work and compassion.

There are so many other doctors, nurses and people to thank beyond doctors Richardson, Hussein & Betancourt. There were emergency visits to St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, MA and Tobey Hospital in Wareham, MA that each offered care from amazing doctors and nurses. There were EMT’s that rushed my father to the hospital and nurses who administered chemo treatments for more than three years.

There were also nurses (shift after shift) at The Villages Regional Hospital Visit who monitored and cared for my father as if he were their own father. I cannot fully thank all of the wonderful people who helped my father along the way, but I hope this small tribute will be a symbol of my family’s appreciation.